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C Scott Andrews

Working for the Cause,  Not the Applause.


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About Me

Scott Andrews was born in Tampa, FL. He is a first generation U.S. born citizen and first generation college student. Both of his parents are not from the U.S. His maternal grandparents played a very large role in his upbringing. His family instilled his intense ambition, work ethic, and sense of humor. 

Culture and Community

My travels have taken me to many countries around the world, each with its unique culture, history, and sights. From the bustling cities of Asia to the charming towns of Europe, I have experienced the diversity and richness of our planet. I have tasted different cuisines, met friendly locals, and learned about the history and traditions of each place I visited. I am grateful for these experiences and look forward to exploring more of the world and its wonders.

Our Partners

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Scott is a dedicated and driven public servant. He Is caring and thoughtful of everyone in the organization and his goal is the success of the team. Scott is an excellent supervisor who allows you the freedom to run your areas while also providing enormous support. He challenged/pushed me to operate outside of my desired comfort zone and for that I will always be grateful. Scott has an amazing ability to connect with the community, elected officials, and staff. I love his passion and drive to raise the service delivery to the community that he serves. I was honored to serve with him in Covington, GA and if the opportunity presented itself would not hesitate to do so again.

Freddy Morgan,


Assistant City Manager at

City of Cartersville

Dr. Andrews is a truly talented leader in public service. He is committed to educating and helping those that work with him in striving to make everyone better. Scott has dedicated his life to public service, and it shows in every interaction with the community and those he works with.

Jeremy Holmes, J.D., CFO

Fire Chief at Covington Fire Department

Dr. Scott Andrews is a dynamic municipal government professional that provides a spark of energy and creativity to his staff. Dr. Scott is an inclusive leader that promotes teamwork and knows how to navigate the challenges of current workforce needs. Dr. Andrews made positive changes in our community and workplace that continues to flourish today.

Mike Jewell

Natural Gas Director,


Dr. Scott Andrews is the leader you've been hoping for. Whether it's work as a community leader or on the ground floor of public private partnerships and economic development initiatives, you can count on him. I can't say enough about his leadership style, innovative mindset, curiosity and hands on approach. From vision to implementation, Dr. Andrews will help you get it done.

Les Mood

Chief Public Affairs Officer, 



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